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Main Library of University of Ruhuna cater the academic society with different services, in order to support the mission of the University as a Research institute. lack of awareness of existing services can effect to the performance of the library patrons including Researchers, academics, undergraduates and other interested parties. "service portal" was developed in order to fill this gap and provide ease access of library services to the patrons. We wish you may find many services that can help to improve your cognitive domain and make Sri Lanka a knowledge hub of Asia.

Institutional Repository.

Institutional repository (IR)
IR allows you to store, refer, preserve, disseminate valuable scholarly information, including research publications, articles, thesis/dissertations, lecture notes, past examination papers etc. Each member can obtain a unique user accounts and subscribe as a user, upload user, collection supervisor, reviver to the IR. This service is available in both web and mobile interfaces. Login to day and be a partner of future research development.
Mobile :

Digital Library

Digital Library (DL).
You can access and download a remarkable collection of information from the DL of University. It provide Updated software. E-books, religious contents, music and movies, and other learning materials which are born digital and digitized under conservation projects. A collection of audio books that specially composed for the purpose of blind students are stored in the DL. Experience the real freedom of downloading your favorites form DL today. You can reach to this service form the University intra-net only.
Digital Library- Ruhuna
Library FTP service

Open Access search engine

Dont waste your time for searching open access content in the web..!
Browsing and googling to find open access content in the web is a time consuming and head blowing task. The Harvester system in the library will be able to search any of your queries only in the open access databases and journals and provide a quick indexed results of your choice. This open access Search engine can be use to search journals, research articles, thesis, dissertations, scholarships, and may other digitized content from a pool of DLs around the world. Don't waste your time in searching for abstracts only. Download the full texts now..!

Monograph Collection

Do you have monographs..? we can publish them...
The monograph collection that is maintained by the library may provide space and security to your monographs. You can maintain individual monograph collections and maintain a separate user account individually. If you wish to present your experience to the nation and future generation.. this the space meant for you. Be a member today...! This service will be available soon on

Access to Back volumes

Access to the Journals of the University
Now you can login to the journals hosted by the Library system of the University
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Conference Management system

Managing conference is a ease now..!
Managing and organizing of a conference for academic community will be a mind blowing task with our busy lives. The Conference management system will take that burden and help you to manage, schedule the conference timely and neatly. You can have your own user account and join to the network of researchers. Conference now with:
Come Under the Cloud..
Sri Lanka is a country with a sound volume of scholarly output from different communities in the academia. The Sevice portal aims to meet the user and this high volume of valuable information together from a single interfaces. We hope you will get the maximum benefit out of these services. Don't forget to updated with us from our blog and social media.

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